Victoria H. Loren

Victoria H. Loren’s masterful revelation of horror unfolds with a powerful suspense released through passionate, romantic interludes in the Legacy of Trust Saga. Victoria's talent as a multi-genre author also includes humorous inspirational works.

Flames of Trust

Legacy of Trust Flames of Trust 2016 Facebook

Flames of Trust, Book Three, Legacy of Trust Trilogy

The nature of survival is accredited to a legacy that is threatened by dark forces, empowering two sisters to trust their heritage and roots. The journey to find answers and justice for the horrific tragedies that plagued, results in a tailspin into the depths of darkness. The sisters compassionately fight to save their heritage while learning perseverance does not come without sacrifices. The unwavering unified effort to prevail has strengthened their faith and determination.

Life changed for Jessie Shannon; the uncertain future of her heritage fueled a quest to find a resolution. Vice President of Marcellous Construction Company was not the only success she craved. The beautiful, talented entrepreneur captured the attention of those that dared cross her path. The sacred bond between two sisters had confronted a perilous quest against dark, evil forces. Regan Rowland felt responsible for protecting her younger sister, Jessie. The threat made upon her sister’s life fueled a greater compassion to trust the sacred bond they shared. Jessie was strong-willed and determined and would seek nothing less than, what rightfully, belonged to them. Regan embraced life with dedication and loyalty to preserve their family legacy. She devoted her heart, body, and soul to protect and honor their heritage. The battle of divine powers and dark forces are taken to a new height as the legacy empowers and ignites perseverance.

The dark force that permeated Regan’s body dissipated as the sanctification of the union of their souls would be forthcoming. Unto death, the legacy of darkness would be borne again. The depths of his kohl, black eyes relinquished her, unto the pit of darkness, his domain. Regan would not find sanctity in the dark, ever again. Zameon could not be defied, she belonged to him. He had tasted her breath, touched her soul, fueling an insatiable desire to release the rapture. The legacy of their dark union would thrust, deeply into a fiery inferno.


The sacred, hallowed ground trembled as the dark sky erupted with a thunderous boom. Lightening flashed illuminating the heavens above. The foreplay had been his mark, declaring a territorial claim. She felt his presence and knew it was far from finished. The icy wind stung her face as Regan closed her eyes seeking escape in the darkness. The weight of the force against her body was suffocating. She fought to breathe. The slow, steady heartbeat pounded in her ears. His heartbeat. The icy, cold feeling in her veins slowed her body functions. Her lips turned blue. The darkness pulled her deeper into a black abyss. Regan knew he would be waiting. She felt his desire, hot, raging, and forcefully seductive. Regan opened her eyes; tears welled before leaving a tear-stained path upon her face. She would not surrender, not now, not ever.

Blind Trust, book one of the Legacy of Trust trilogy is available:

***** Five Star Review on Amazon *****

TrustWorthy, book two of the Legacy of Trust trilogy will be released around Fall/Winter 2016.

Flames of Trust, book three of the Legacy of Trust trilogy is in the design/writing stages and sure to be a flaming hot novel! #AmWriting #masterful #sensual #thriller #hotttttt


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