Victoria H. Loren

Victoria H. Loren’s masterful revelation of horror unfolds with a powerful suspense released through passionate, romantic interludes in the Legacy of Trust Saga. Victoria's talent as a multi-genre author also includes humorous inspirational works.

TrustWorthy, Masterful Revelation

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The darkness engulfed her body pulling her deeper into the abyss. Electrified hot charges penetrated and pulsated a sporadic rhythm cascading as her body violently trembled erupting into one final arch before surrendering to a blinding white light. Regan opened her mind and body to the light. The current charged throughout her body as she embraced the white-hot energy. The surge created an orb that encircled her lifting Regan to a weightless plane. The light radiated through her entire body as the passage dissipated. The darkness cradled her. Regan could feel her Mother’s warm embrace holding her body. She felt an energy that released her from the darkness. The voice returned. His voice. No sanctity would ever provide an escape. Destiny would manifest their powerful confrontation. She had to prevail or be lost to an eternal damnation of his creation.

TrustWorthy captures the masterful, seductive passion of a deep twisted plot…a serious mind thriller!

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Victoria Loren’s Legacy of Trust trilogy are thrillers with a passionate, romantic twist. Her ability to intertwine romance with horror creates a powerful chemistry. The bold, cryptic characters allude to the seduction of darker forces. The battle of divine powers and dark forces are taken to a new height as the legacy empowers and ignites perseverance.
TrustWorthy nobly follows Blind Trust in the thrilling, passionate Legacy of Trust trilogy by the author,Victoria H. Loren.
The legacy of two sisters continues to be threatened by dark unforeseen forces. The fearless courage of both sisters to confront evil forces sanctifies the preservation of their heritage through a sacred trust.
Jessie Shannon a beautiful, talented entrepreneur has defied gender roles within the industry substantiating her mastery through accreditation of valued unwavering leadership. The loyalty devoted to save their heritage is strengthened through a united front. The journey leads Jessie to a crossroad to either save their heritage or find closure through the gratification of peace within her life. The realization of the true value of life enforces a soul searching quest. Are they one step closer to finding the truth or should the truth be known?
Regan Rowland dedicates her heart and soul to the sanctity of trust for preserving their family legacy. The revelation of a divine gift empowers her preservation against the dark forces. The legacy unfolds to reveal through death there will be life thus igniting a powerful desire for survival.
The sacred bond between sisters unifies their effort and strength to seek truth, trusting their heritage. Even, if it meant the sacrifice of their own life for one another.

For future updates on release of TrustWorthy, book two in the Legacy of Trust trilogy:

Blind Trust, book one in the Legacy of Trust trilogy is available:

***** Five Star Review on Amazon *****

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