Victoria H. Loren

Victoria H. Loren’s masterful revelation of horror unfolds with a powerful suspense released through passionate, romantic interludes in the Legacy of Trust Saga. Victoria's talent as a multi-genre author also includes humorous inspirational works.

Victoria, Candidly Expressed

The excitement of the first book Blind Trust from the Legacy of Trust trilogy, being released was both thrilling and frightening for me. I felt honored and blessed that I can learn and grow as an author. The publication of Blind Trust was a monumental goal. After the death of my father, I felt lost and alone. Writing provided a means for me to find a new direction in my life. While writing truly is my passion, during this period of my life, it became a spiritual healing for me. The emotion of such a great loss empowered a greater feeling of love and peace. I am extremely proud of the completion and publication of Blind Trust. The treasured manuscript was written over ten years ago, and through the support of my family and friends; I found the courage to seek publication.

The Legacy of Trust trilogy continues with TrustWorthy. The excitement of writing the second manuscript brought a new fear. Would this manuscript have the emotional drive? Or, would I be facing writer’s block? I was pleasantly surprised to find the passion still existed to conquer my fears and allow inner strength to guide me. I am captivated, by the means to which this second manuscript has exceeded my expectations. TrustWorthy continues the legacy with a stronger force of preservation. This manuscript is by far, my favorite. Now with that said, I am excited to conclude the Legacy of Trust trilogy with what is sure, to be passionate, fiery novel-Flame of Trust.

Blind Trust is available:

***** Five Star Review on Amazon *****

TrustWorthy will be released around Fall/Winter 2016!

For more information:

Publication is only the first step as marketing is a whole, different story. Social media is a new concept, for sure! I may not be comfortable with each step of the journey yet, but definitely, I love the challenge to learn as I leave my footprint.

Forever and Always Yours,



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