Legacy of Trust trilogy unleashed a passion for creating a drama with bold, dark characters. Would the characters captivate and entice an audience? The thought process as the author of Legacy of Trust trilogy ventures into mysterious, thrilling, and romantic interludes of a lost heritage.

The Legacy of Trust trilogy is composed of three thrilling/romantic fiction novels (Blind Trust, TrustWorthy, and Flames of Trust). The legacy of two sisters is threatened by dark unforeseen forces. Regan and Jessie struggle to find the truth of their heritage while learning their strength empowers greater love and peace within their life. The journey takes them closer to discovering their heritage but at what cost. The ability to intertwine romance with horror creates a powerful chemistry. The bold, cryptic characters allude to the seduction of darker forces. The battle of divine powers and dark forces are taken to a new height as the legacy empowers and ignites perseverance.

The challenge to enter the mind of a dark character was by far the most difficult aspect of writing the trilogy. The revelation of passion and seduction within darker forces embodying a “Good vs. evil” relationship is taken to new heights. Forever lost in a moment of passion creates a powerful suspense and feeds the desire for more. The legacy of two sisters captivates one’s heart through powerful struggles and survival of the darkest force to find their heritage. The journey begins with Blind Trust

Blind Trust, book one of the Legacy of Trust trilogy is available:

***** Five Star Review on Amazon *****




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