A blog inspired by Harley and Heather


The unique character relationship of Harley (Poodle) and Heather (Yorkie) defines a greater insight for me to share our lifestyle. The fun and bantering with the love/hate relationship is quite comical and a perfect beginning and end to my day. New blogs and photos will be posted to journal the fun-filled adventure! Harley is a ham and loves to have his picture taken … Heather, on the other hand, has a strong opposition to the camera! Ever wonder what an animal or creature is thinking? Harley and Heather have no problem relaying their thoughts.


Harley: The diva bites, and can really reach those high pitches – can we trade her in for a more laid back breed? Please mom, I’ll even throw in some dog biscuits.


Heather: Mom, I think we can lose the dust mop – he slobbers and talk about bad hair day! I am okay with flying solo … I promise you will never miss him.

In closing, this question comes to mind … does Heather even like Harley?  Your thoughts? Please join us on this incredible journey…

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Coming in the near future…the release of Rusty’s Chronicles

Rusty’s Chronicles takes us on a journey visualizing life through the eyes of a lovable pup with each encounter allowing us to laugh, cry, or just give in to the warm fuzzy feeling of his innocence.

I am thankful to be a small part of this journey and look forward to new acquaintances and friendships. May your life be filled with peace, joy and enriched with lots of paw prints. One voice can make a difference … your voice.

Victoria H Loren




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