The perfectly posh lifestyle is more than appearance, elegant style, or an extreme standard acknowledged by society. Intelligence, attitude, and personality do define certain parameters for state of mind of this lifestyle. Why this might lead to speculation could be a mere lack of communicating wants, needs or desires. The Yorkshire Terrier breed does not exhibit a scarcity in the ability to express thoughts on subjects of any nature. Sure, certain terms come to one’s mind to describe demonstrating such behavior and maybe, some more deserved than others. The term “Diva” is an honorary title, rather than, the intention to downgrade a judgment of the class. One distinct characteristic of perfectly posh is the natural elegance to honor higher standards.

What empowers the behavior of such an opulent creature? Numerous influences contribute to the behavior, but desire can be a strong motivating force. Simply stated, the desire to succeed or survive within the structure of diversity. Limitations in life are often the result of uncontrollable situations. Does this merit a willing contribution to support positions of this nature or even, within one’s family structure? Let’s just say, the charisma of a slobbering dust mop is not enough to sway my opinion to rally an alliance with Harley’s fan club. Acknowledgment on my part that he resides under the same roof is generously indulgent. The acceptance of the poodle breed as a member of the posh community is certainly conceivable. Although some limitation exists for certain breeds, it does not render the impossibility of obtaining the posh status if deserved. Maybe not perfectly posh, as this is reserved for the elite.

No gender distinction applies to the posh lifestyle. Divas are both male and female genders and can be equal in stature. However, I do believe that the intellectual level of the female gender easily excels males in the perfectly posh world. Why would I support such a stance? The perfect example would be the comparison of Harley and I. The characteristic of taste preference is not challenged by primitive hunger as the daunting image of Harley’s muzzle chowing down in the food bowl is quite appalling. The infinite comparisons of Harley would never change my stance. Taste may be acquired by some, and not necessarily so for others. I am both thankful and blessed to be naturally born perfectly posh.


With love and devotion,

your Paw Talk Blogger, Heather


What’s Happening with Harley?

  • Harley is hiding after Heather’s post.
  • Harley is planning to post his new blog “Unconditionally”
  • Harley is working on his next blog “Mancave Takeover”



Coming Soon: the release of Rusty’s Chronicles

Rusty’s Chronicles takes us on a journey visualizing life through the eyes of a lovable pup with each encounter allowing us to laugh, cry, or just give in to the warm fuzzy feeling of his innocence.

I am thankful to be a small part of this journey and look forward to new acquaintances and friendships. May your life be filled with peace, joy and enriched with lots of paw prints. One voice can make a difference … your voice.
Victoria H Loren

Photo Rusty artistic 2017enhanced6


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