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Rusty’s Chronicles by Victoria H Loren

The heartfelt tale of Rusty’s Chronicles takes us on a journey visualizing life through the eyes of a lovable pup with each encounter allowing us to laugh, to cry, or just give in to the warm fuzzy feeling of his innocence.

Why this concept? The attempt to carefully step in a puppy’s paw prints can be half hazardous, to say the least. The unbridled energy should be enough to warrant a second thought. The devotion of a pet owner might be pushed to the breaking point or strengthened beyond measure. The intent of the innocent nature approach allowed clarity. How often do we find ourselves deeply engaged in life’s challenges? What if it were simplified?

The concept of Rusty’s Chronicles originated in the year 2000. Long ago, I learned being a pet owner was pretty much a factor that would remain constant in my life. The unconditional love and devotion enriched and inspired me to share the adventures with various people in my life. Thus, the newsletter “Rusty’s Chronicles” was born. The favorable reaction to learn more about Rusty allowed his fan base to grow. The humorous account of Rusty’s adventures was refreshing and a way to reach out and thank various people for contributing to his life.



Rusty Visits the Vet

Rusty:   Mom, am I sick?

Mom:     No, Russ.

Rusty:   Am I going to have puppies?

Mom:  (laughing) No, Rusty, that is not possible.

Rusty:   Are you sick, Mom?

Mom: I’m fine, Rusty.

Rusty: Are you having puppies?

Mom: Sorry, Rusty, no puppies.

Rusty: Mom, are we going to tell the vet he is famous now?

Did we bring our book? Are you nervous, Mom?  I think I might be

real nervous. But not the same kind of  nervous as my coyote encounter.

Mom: Rusty, I’m so proud of you and I believe we have a wonderful story to tell.

Rusty: May I have a dog biscuit now?

Lifelong dreams are only dreams unless you work towards making it a reality. Even though I am a private person, I believe the inspiration and journey experienced through writing Rusty’s Chronicles is one that should be shared and if I can bring laughter or joy to one person, or inspire someone else, then I am honored and blessed as an author. I am excited about learning and growing as an author and will continue my passion of writing.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

Victoria H Loren

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