Fairy Tales and Beyond

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Fairy Tales and Beyond

by Victoria H Loren

The magic of fairy tales has captivated minds and hearts for centuries. A magical world comes to life in a make-believe realm of fantasy when classic old world settings blend with modern theatrical creations providing a contemporary flare to the story. The roles of characters from different worlds come together to create fascinating tales.
Fairy Tales and Beyond is a collection of assorted short stories that creates a mythical journey with an innovative twist when humor collides with enchantment.

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~Introducing the Rusty Tales Collection~
Rusty is back in a delightful collection of children’s picture books! Creatures come to life to share inspirations from a magical world of nature through the lovable adventures of a young pup in the Rusty Tales Collection by Victoria H Loren.

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Birds Fly, Why Can’t He – Rusty discovers the marvel of flight and helps a baby bird to find the courage to fly. The delightful discovery takes Rusty on a journey where he finds quite a surprise with this new wonderment.

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Trustworthy Book Release

TrustWorthy, book two of the Legacy of Trust Trilogy by Victoria H. Loren captures the masterful, seductive passion of a deep, twisted plot…a serious mind thriller!

The legacy of two sisters continues to be threatened by dark unforeseen forces. The fearless courage of both sisters to confront evil forces sanctifies the preservation of their heritage through a sacred trust.
Jessie Shannon a beautiful, talented entrepreneur has defied gender roles within the industry substantiating her mastery through accreditation of valued unwavering leadership. The loyalty devoted to save their heritage is strengthened through a united front. The journey leads Jessie to a crossroad to either save their heritage or find closure through the gratification of peace within her life. The realization of the true value of life enforces a soul searching quest. Are they one step closer to finding the truth or should the truth be known?
Regan Rowland dedicates her heart and soul to the sanctity of trust for preserving their family legacy. The revelation of a divine gift empowers her preservation against the dark forces. The legacy unfolds to reveal through death there will be life thus igniting a powerful desire for survival.
The sacred bond between sisters unifies their effort and strength to seek truth, trusting their heritage. Even, if it meant the sacrifice of their own life for one another.
The trilogy begins with Blind Trust where a legacy of divine powers and dark forces are born.
Blind Trust, book one of the Legacy of Trust trilogy by Victoria H. Loren is available:
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Trustworthy, book two of the Legacy of Trust Trilogy by Victoria H. Loren is available:

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