Harley’s Tale

2014-11-30 19.37.09

by Paw Talk Blogger, Harley

The passion behind loving brown eyes engaging undivided attention does promote favor. Would I use my adorable characteristics to obtain leverage? In a heartbeat as nature provided an undeniable charisma.

The lifestyle of a beloved family pet is privileged.  The close relationship and bond is one of unconditional love and devotion. I am fortunate and blessed to be a part of this type of family structure. The Poodle breed is highly intelligent and loyal so my character denotes the positive traits readily.  Since I am of the male gender, I can personally speak to the attributes and will leave the details of such, for another time.

The nature of my existence is a blessing and a miracle. Love and devotion from family and friends help provide support to conquer challenges in life. A strong will for survival certainly helped but was not enough to heal a tiny sick puppy. My early years were touch-and-go filled with countless hours of nursing and prayer. The positive outlook and lovable nature of my character are genuine and heartfelt.

The acceptance of limitations within my lifestyle do not define my ability to give and help others. I believe experiences in life allow one to learn and grow.  Alternative methods have provided a means to cope and succeed so that I can influence others. Years provide wisdom, and I have earned the right to be classified within the senior group.  Translated this means  it allows me to observe the youthful generation with humor and knowledge that peace is a valuable state of mind. Family decisions do not necessarily adhere to a majority rules. The reasoning behind adding a female Yorkie to the family dynamics is beyond me.  So with that said, the addition of Heather to my life is definitely challenging but beneficial to sharpen and strengthen survival techniques. No doubt that my physical endurance prevails, and intelligence levels far surpass, so that, a threat is non-existent. The question if we are indeed compatible is not relevant as the entertainment provided to spectator’s triumphs. Laughter is golden and when Mom is happy we are all happy.

Paw-Talk blog is a means for me to express my thoughts and viewpoint. Heather will also be blogging, so I look forward to her creativity and bantering.

Always Yours,


Paw Talk Blogger

What is happening with Harley?

  • Harley is hiding after Heather’s post.
  • Harley is planning to post his new blog “Unconditionally”
  • Harley is working on his next blog “Mancave Takeover”

Coming Soon: The release of Rusty’s Chronicles

Rusty’s Chronicles takes us on a journey visualizing life through the eyes of a lovable pup with each encounter allowing us to laugh, cry, or just give in to the warm fuzzy feeling of his innocence.

I am thankful to be a small part of this journey and look forward to new acquaintances and friendships. May your life be filled with peace, joy and enriched with lots of paw prints. One voice can make a difference … your voice.
Victoria H Loren